Livestock production

In accordance with the development strategy of KSG Agro agri-holding, pig production is defined as one of the three most important priorities of the activity (the other two are crop production and biofuel).
The Holding’s pig-breeding business is concentrated in the village of Niva Trudovaya in the Dnipropetrovsk region. It was there that one of the three former USSR’s largest pig complexes was located.
As part of the reconstruction of the pig complex, the agri-holding carried out the reconstruction of the main networks, purchased and installed modern equipment. Investments in the first stage of the project, which has already reached its designed capacity, amounted to more than $30 million.
In 2015, the reconstruction of the first stage was completed and the pig farm began its operation.
The state-of-the-art equipment made it possible to introduce the latest mechanization technologies of industrial maintenance of animals, removal of waste products using a self-melting sewage system, to achieve biosafety standards and to meet the requirements of modern veterinary science.
In the production of pork, modern energy-saving technologies are used, which will save energy of 20.8 million hryvnia per year, and completely stop the use of 13.2 million cubic meters of natural gas at the expense of the energy from the combustion of fuel pellets.
An important task for KSG Agro agri-holding was the integration of the livestock complex into the European pig system in order to get full certification according to European standards to be able to supply meat to the countries of the European Union. For this purpose, Big Dutchman, a German company was chosen as the main supplier of technological equipment.
To select the livestock, an international tender was announced, in which 17 companies of the world took part, offering their technologies and equipment, and six leading world companies offered their livestock. Taking into account all economic indicators, KSG Agro management chose Danish company DanBred.
All technological regulations for the care of productive livestock, feeding and the system of keeping animals of all age groups are developed taking into account the achievement of the actual production results of DanBred genetics obtained on industrial farms in such developed countries as Germany, Holland and Denmark.
The purpose of this technology is to use the best quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the three main breeds of pigs: large white, landrace and duroc. Each of them has its own advantages, which are transmitted to the descendants. For landrace – this is high fertility, excellent quality of meat and high daily gains. For large white – multiparty, strong maternal instinct, powerful reproductive function, high daily weight gain and low conversion of feed. These breeds are used to create females of the first generation, which later impregnate from Duroc breed boars. They are characterized by good physical health and strong constitution, high immunity, rapid growth, excellent quality of meat.
During the cultivation of pigs, both domestic norms and strict requirements of the European Union are ensured.
Production capacity of the first stage of the pig complex was 120 thousand heads, that is about 10 thousand tons of pork annually.
The agriholding is included in the TOP 10 pork producers in Ukraine.
Starting from 2016, KSG Agro actively develops exports to Georgia, planning to enter the TOP-5 largest suppliers in the Georgian market. By 2016 results, KSG Agro Holding exported about 500 tons of live pigs to Georgia for 700 thousand US dollars. At the same time, the total volume of Ukrainian exports of live pigs for 2016, according to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, was 2,726 tons worth $3.2 million. Thus, in terms of value, the share of the agricultural holding in the export of live pigs from Ukraine in 2016 was about 22%.
In 2017, the agri-holding will spend 12 million UAH for the modernization and expansion of the pig complex in the village of Niva Trudovaya. As a result of the investment, the company will increase its competitive advantages in the pig breeding sector and will continue to actively develop the export of pig livestock to the Georgian market.

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