Vegetables and fruits

The Group considers vegetables production as a diversification tool to address the weather risks and generate additional income per hectare. To intensify the production, advanced watering technology is used. In particular, the implementation of the drip irrigation enables to increase the volumes of the grown vegetables and fruits on a permanent basis. Drip irrigation does not only neutralize the weather risks, but also ensures considerable water saving on wetting, optimizes the application of fertilizers and crop protecting agents.

Vegetables production

The main vegetables are components of the so called «borshch set»:

  • potato
  • carrot
  • onion
  • beet
  • cabbage

The Group’s own storage facilities enable to store more than 4,000 tons simultaneously. The Group actively develops the processing of the vegetables, which makes it possible to create the end product for the retail chains.

Fruits production
Currently the Group produces:

  • cherry
  • apples
  • pears
  • apricots

The gardens of the Group occupy more than 100 ha.

The Group plans to increase considerably the production output and processing of vegetables and fruits which is connected with the growth of the demand for these products in the Ukrainian and foreign retail chains.

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