Food Processing Business

Dnepr meat-processing factory is part of KSG Agro Group

The main activity of Dnepr meat-processing plant is a full cycle of slaughter, cooling and pork production in half-carcasses.

The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment, uses advanced slaughter technologies, which makes it possible to come up with the European quality products.

Striving for the high quality of raw materials Dnepr MPF, for most of its products uses cattle grown at the pig farm of KSG Agro’s corporation LLC Rantie. Production of Dnepr meat factory comes from high quality pigs of Danish breeding.

The meat processing plant uses a strict system of control and improvement of production. The raw materials are subjected to severe checks for quality and veterinary control. Thanks to this, the consumer is provided with products of the highest grade, both for ecological and taste qualities.

The production capacity of the meat-packing plant slaughterhouse is 15 tons per day. The highest level of production safety is confirmed by a certificate for a food safety management system.

Production of the meat-packing plant is available through distributors, wholesale sellers, grocery chains, such as Caravan and Fozzy.

Dnepr meat-processing plant is a reliable partner working for the future. We are always open for long-term cooperation.

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