Crop production

Crop production is the core business of the Group. The Group focuses on growing grain crops. The innovative agricultural technologies and high quality of black soil of the whole region of the Group ensure consistently high yields.

The main crops grown by the Group are:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Corn

Oilseed products

  • Sunflower
  • Rapeseed

The Group actively develops seed farming, receiving the seeds of crops with high sowing properties, thanks to which high yields are achieved.

The Group has 120,000 tones of own storage facilities. Most of them are floor storage type facilities. The management believes the Group has sufficient level of storage capacities facilities thanks to excess supply of storage capacities in the target region.

Production philosophy
The technological concept, especially developed for generating the maximum yield on Ukrainian black soil, underlies the philosophy of the agricultural production of the Group. This is a synthesis of the best production methods, applied in the world agricultural science and practice. To achieve high efficiency, the Group places emphasis on cost-effective use of resources, water collection, and improvement of the soil structure.

Synthesis of the elements of various technologies enables the Group to adequately respond to changes in weather conditions, achieving high yields.

Precision Agricultural Technology
Production strategy is based on the detailed study of soil and weather risks in the region. The specialists of the Group have developed field plans for the plots (now 94000 ha) on the basis of the agrochemical analysis. A similar approach enables to differentiate the number of fertilizers and crop protecting agents to achieve the maximum result.

Quality control system
Production efficiency depends largely on the quality control system, applied at all stages of the process: preparing the seed grain, crop tending, harvesting, and unloading.

The Group observes a high seed farming culture, actively cooperating with the research institutions and leading foreign and national seed producers.

The companies of the Group are located in the central part of Ukraine which creates great logistics opportunities to use both the railway junction points and transport possibilities of Dnipro River. A short distance between the producer and sea ports enables to develop export actively.

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