History of the Group


  • Establishment of ATD Dneprovsky LLC with capproximately 5,000 hectares


  • Decision to focus on development of agricultural business is made by shareholders


  • Increase of land bank under control to approximately 24,000 hectares by purchasing Scorpio Agro LLC, Souz-3 LLC, Goncharovo Agricultural LLC and Pivdenne Agricultural LLC
  • Establishment of PUAIH-2 LLC and signing long-term lease agreements for approximately 1,000 hectares
  • Revision of existing agricultural machinery park and replacement of outdated items. Total investments into new machinery amounted to USD 5 million and were mostly financed by leasing
  • Acquisition of approximately 1,500 hectares in Khmelnitsky region via purchase of Agro-Dnister LLC. The land is used as an experimental base for implementing model of distant farming using same equipment park as for larger base region


  • Launch of vegetables production on first 36 hectares
  • Start of vegetables, fruit and groceries shipments to retail chains


  • Start of full scale vegetables production on 56 hectares of land by implementing capillary irrigation and vegetables storage facilities with capacities amounted to approximately 1,200 tons


  • A pilot project launched for the anhydrous ammonia usage by the Holding’s enterprises
  • The Holding carried out an initial public offering (IPO) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 33% of the company’s shares sold for more than $ 40 million.
  • The agriholding’s 2011 profit increased by 2.8 times totaling $28.2 million compared to $10 million in 2010.
  • The Group doubled the land bank, which reached 61 thousand hectares.
  • The holding became the winner in the nomination “The best agri-industrial business of Prydniprovie” of the regional competition “Svitoch Prydniprovie – 2011″, founded by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration and the Regional Council.
  • The agri-holding acquired a 50% stake in the livestock complex, which, after reconstruction, will boast 240 thousand heads a year.
  • Storage facilities for grain storage have been increased from 30 thousand tons to 60 thousand tons, machinery fleet from 334 units of equipment to 584 units.
  • A storage facility with a microclimate for storing vegetables with a volume of 2.8 thousand tons was built, increasing the total storage capacity for vegetables to 4 thousand tons.
  • Two technological lines for the production of biofuel pellets with a total capacity of 7,000 tons were put into operation.


  • Arable land increased by 31 thousand hectares, while the total land bank reached 92 thousand hectares.
  • Revenues increased to $37.2 million compared to 2011.
  • The company’s gross profit increased by 41% from $13.9 million in 2011 to $19.6 million in 2012.
  • KSG Agro and Polish Energy Partners have signed two cooperation agreements. According to the first agreement, PEP Group provides KSG Agro Group with technical know-how for the introduction of production lines and the supply of equipment for the biofuel plant. The second deal concerns the supply of plant products, fuel pellets from straw, to PEP Group.
  • KSG Agro received the honorary title of “Agrarian elite” for the second time in a special issue of The Ukrainian Farmer magazine about 100 successful agri-industrial companies of Ukraine
  • Agreements were concluded for the supply of equipment from Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH, the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for poultry farms and pig complexes
  • For a significant personal contribution to the development of domestic entrepreneurship, strengthening the industrial potential of the state and long-term conscientious work Chairman of the Board of Directors of KSG Agro Agriholding Sergey Kasyanov was awarded the Order of Merit II Degree by the Decree of the President of Ukraine.
  • KSG Agro became one of the 90 largest companies of the European level, which were presented at the first large-scale international business forum “Investment Wave-2012″


  • KSG Agro became a partner of the Polish-Ukrainian Stock Exchange on the forum organized by the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland and the Board of the WSE.
  • the agroholding brought in about two thousand sows and boars of Danish breeding in two stages and placed them in a renovated pig complex
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (CCIU) awarded the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Agroholding KSG Agro Sergey Kasyanov the badge “Golden Sign of Mercury” for significant personal contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and fruitful cooperation with the CCI
  • at the pig farm in Niva, the first piglets from Danish breeding sows were born
  • Thanks to a pilot project for growing crops on irrigation (for 400 hectares of sown areas in the Dnipropetrovsk region and for 1100 hectares in the Crimea), high yields were obtained for corn yield
  • In 2013, the company increased consolidated revenues by 56.3%, to $ 58.184 million.


  • At a meeting with investors in Warsaw, KSG Agro presented a new development strategy. It is based on concrete steps to reduce credit burden, as well as investing in the most promising projects, primarily in the pig industry and bioenergy
  • technologies (in particular, the formula for feeding pigs at all stages) have been introduced in the pig complex, which makes it possible to increase the average weight of fattened pigs from 110 kg to about 125 kg at the age of 165 days.
  • Agroholding raised rental rates for land owners by 30%.
  • The company ceased operations in the occupied Crimea, losing control of about 28 thousand hectares of land.
  • KSG Agro started exporting its own flour to China.
  • The holding completed the reconstruction of the first stage of the pig complex located in the village of Niva Trudovaya (Dnipropetrovsk region) designed for 4.5 thousand sows and 120 thousand pigs per year. The company invested about 16 million euros in the reconstruction.


  • During the visit to the US, the KSG Agro holding delegation met with the management and members of the Association of Pork Producers of Illinois, as well as agri-enterprises of the State of Iowa. Among the issues discussed were the latest production technologies, quality control approaches, increasing the efficiency of pig rearing, veterinary techniques, the reproductive cycle and fattening of pigs.
  • During the meeting of the headquarters of the territorial protection battalion “Prydneprovie” with the heads of enterprises and local authorities of Dnepropetrovsk district of Dnepropetrovsk region, the chairman of the Board of Directors of KSG Agro holding Sergey Kasyanov was awarded with the official gratitude for the support of the Ukrainian army.
  • An agreement (memorandum) was signed on the restructuring of loans with Ukrsotsbank (Kyiv, TM UniCredit Bank) for an amount equivalent to about $7 million.
  • The restructuring process of the Group’s loans at “Credit Dnepr Bank ” for the amount equivalent to $6.5 million started.
  • The agri-holding entered the TOP-20 rating of the most effective agricultural companies according to FORBES


  • KSG Agro becomes a member of the European Business Association (EBA)
  • The company and international lenders (including export credit agencies, banks and international suppliers) signed preliminary letter of intent (LOI) related to the debt restructuring for a total of about $20 million
  • KSG Agro Holding has initiated a partnership of local communities and businesses for the conversion of boiler facilities in the public sector – from gas to biologically renewable fuel – pellets. The company began the project with the modernization of the boiler house in Novopokrovka school. The operation of the new boiler house which allowed saving about 400 thousand UAH for the heating season.
  • KSG Agro’s pig farm successfully passed the inspection of the National Food Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and received permission to supply pork to Georgia
  • The holding entered the TOP-10 rating of the quality of corporate reputation management “Reputation ACTIVists”
  • KSG Agro and Ukrsotsbank (Unicredit Group) successfully completed the process of credit restructuring
  • The volume of heat generation on biofuel – fuel pellets – increased from 3000 kW to 3450 kW
  • The holding’s share in the total export of live pork from Ukraine in 2016 reached 22%


  • KSG Agro and TerraMax (USA), one of the world leaders in the production of inoculants, decided to start large-scale cooperation in the use of biological products
    In partnership with NPO Ukrsorgo, and farms belonging to KSG Agro, sowed 617 hectares of sorghum and plannrd to expand sown areas in the future
  • KSG Agro acquired the latest agricultural technology manufactured by TITAN MAHINERY Inc.: Agri Farmer telescopic handlers, Case IH Steiger 600 tracked tractor, Great Plains 4000 ТМ (Turbo Max) and vertical tillage machines from Great Plains Max Chisel
  • The total volume of heat generation on biofuel at KSG Agro agricultural holding in comparison with the heating season 2016-2017 increased by 52% – from 4.25 to 6.45 MW


  • KSG Agro in partnership with the Mironov Institute of Wheat in collaboration with the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, took part in a program to expand the range of use of wheat and barley varieties of Mironovsky selection.
  • At the end of 2018, the total sales of pig breeding products of KSG Agro agricultural holding increased by 6.3% compared to 2017 and reached about 403 million UAH.
  • Farms that are part of the agricultural holding in 2018 increased by 43% the cultivated area under sorghum


  • KSG Agro in the 2018-2019 heating season increased biofuel heat generation by 37% – up to 8.35 mW
  • KSG Agro invested 11 million UAH in the construction of a new corpus mother cell at the pig farm for 714 heads
  • Agroholding increased its credit line at TAS Bank by 54% to up 3.55 million dollars.
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