Corporate responsibility

Care about land and people underlies the corporate policy of the Group. This approach is a guarantee of high quality and environmental safety of our products.

The Group introduced express monitoring system of the quality of products «from the field to the counter».

The companies of the Group use only certified fertilizers and plant protecting agents which are purchased from the leading world producers.

In its activity the Group strictly follows the regulations and standards established by the applicable laws of Ukraine.

The Group adheres in full to the laws related to protection of the environment, including those which regulate the hazardous substances’ emissions. It also observes all necessary preventive measures on localization of possible pollutions and threats to flora and fauna.

Each company of the Group has an employee on the position of the Labor Protection and Environmental Safety Engineer.

The Group undergoes obligatory scheduled inspections by the government services. During the whole time of the Group’s existence no serious violations were detected.


The Group strictly observes all statutory rules and guidelines related to occupational safety.

The categories of the employees potentially affected by health hazards undergo mandatory health checks. They are provided with the special food, have a reduced working day and additional holiday at the Group’s expense.

The job security program is an integral part of the in-house training. When mastering new equipment and technologies we specifically order the training support from the supplier or from alternative research and development institutions.

The Group has implemented the standards of the learning organization. The system of in-house seminars has been introduced. The Group implements the training programs enabling to optimize the accounting and management processes. There are training programs on team building and leadership as well.
The staff policy of the Group is directed towards keeping and developing the skilled core staff. The qualified employees save their positions during off-season time and get 100% of the salary. This time is used for further training.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important and integral part of the agri-holding’s activities. The viewpoint of the chairman of the board of directors at KSG Agro Sergiy Kasyanov has been unchanged for many years: agrarian and industrial enterprises should, in close cooperation with communities, participate in the development of the territories in which they operate.
In order to improve life and common future, business must be socially responsible, generating not only profits, but also social capital. The main thing that distinguishes a socially responsible business is the understanding of people’s lives on the ground, their problems and opportunities, coupled with real action aimed at their support and assistance.
KSG Agro and the companies included in its Holding are a vivid example of a socially responsible business. Every day they demonstrate, by their own example, that creation, partnership and cooperation generate dozens of enterprises, thousands of jobs, improve the quality of life of people, and help socially vulnerable groups of the population.
For many years, the agri-holding is the main donor of “The Future”, Sergey Kasyanov’s Charitable Fund. In partnership with the Fund over the past 15 years, within the framework of cooperation of socially responsible business and territorial communities, dozens of development projects have been implemented:
• local infrastructure and utilities
• energy conservation projects
• social programs in the field of medicine and education
• programs of self-employment within the programs of support for ATO participants and their families
• food subsidy programs that are provided to socially vulnerable groups of the population
• assistance in attracting investments, grant programs, etc.
Especially important directions of the agri-holding’s CSR are:
• A program for the reconstruction of heating systems
The pilot project started on October 14, 2016 at Novopokrovka secondary school, where a new modern boiler-house was put into operation. Thanks to the investment from KSG Agro Holding, reconstruction of the heating system was carried out, 2 new boilers were installed, which operate with alternative fuel, fuel pellets. The total estimated cost of the project was over 1 million UAH.
As a result of the modernization of five boiler houses in the Tomakivsky, Soloniansky and Apostolivsky districts of rural schools, the total heat generation at the heat supply facilities transferred by the holding for use of pellets will almost double – from 4.25 MW to 8.25 MW. At the same time, the raw material is produced by the pellet shop in the village of Novopokrovka of Solonyansky district of Dnipropetrovsk region, put into operation at the expense of the holding’s investments. The conversion of boiler-houses to biofuels can significantly save rural budgets – by more than 2 times compared with the use of natural gas.
• The program of the population self-employment
The program is to create conditions for people living in rural areas to earn extra income by organizing family businesses for fattening pigs on individual farms. Simultaneously, consulting support and promotion of economic education for the residents of the region are provided. Preparatory work on putting together home mini pig farms has been carried out. In addition, the Agri-holding and the Fund acted as partners of the “Export is Simple” Information and Publishing Project (10 steps from production to export). The book is in great demand with managers and entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses.
• Food subsidy program
The project aims to provide social assistance to villages and small towns, socially unprotected parts of the population – lonely pensioners, families with many children, those who need help in the current difficult time for people and a country.
Within the framework of the program:
• setting up pork sales at producer prices in rural and district stores of Dnipropetrovsk region
• provision of food products to the most vulnerable groups of the population
• charity help on the day of the elderly
• assistance to disabled children.
The agri-holding projects and programs in the framework of the implementation of the CSR principles will continue to grow and expand.

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