About us

KSG Аgro is one of the largest vertically integrated agricultural Groups in the Dnipropetrovsk region, which works almost in all segments of the agricultural market, including production, storage, processing, and sale of the agricultural products.

The Group specializes primarily in crop growing, focusing on growing of grain crops such as sunflower, wheat, barley, rape, etc. Besides, the Group actively develops vegetable farming and gardening.

The Group consists of 42 companies, located primarily in Dniepropetrovsk region, where high-quality black soils are located, which are favorable for attaining high yields without excess fertilization. In its target region KSG Аgro undertakes the leading positions among the agricultural producers because of the land bank size under its control, the technological level of plant management and yields index. In addition the Company benefits from favourable geographic location due to proximity to the Dnipro River, main railways and Black Sea ports.

Currently the total area of the cultivated land is about 94 000 ha.

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