KSG Agro and Makarony Polskie (Poland) signed a memorandum of cooperation in the area of processing and trade of vegetable oil and cereals

KSG Agro Agricultural holding and Makarony Polskie (Poland) signed a memorandum of cooperation in the area of processing of rapeseed and sunflower oil, grain, as well as trade in finished products. This was reported by the press service of the holding with reference to the company’s message on the website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
On July 11, 2022, KSG Agro Agricultural holding and Makarony Polskie (Poland) signed a memorandum of cooperation in the area of trade in rapeseed and sunflower oil, as well as grain crops. Their processing is also foreseen. The document establishes the principles of economic cooperation in oil and grain trade, as well as partnerships in other areas of agricultural production. In particular, the companies plan to import rapeseed and sunflower oil from Ukraine, their processing and marketing in Poland and other countries.
“As part of the implementation of the memorandum, we are negotiating with our Polish partners on the joint processing of products, in particular the grain group, in Poland, with the further sale of products ready for final consumption both in Poland and in other EU countries,” commented signing of the memorandum Sergiy Kasianov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at KSG Agro. According to him, within the framework of this cooperation, it is possible to create a joint venture with Makarony Polskie.
As previously reported, KSG Agro has started processing rapeseed and sunflower seeds in Ukraine under a tolling scheme for export purposes. At the same time, according to reports, after refinement of vegetable oil and packaging especially for the EU, the holding will export products ready for consumption.


Makarony Polskie SA is one of the largest and fastest growing pasta producers in Poland. The main office of the company is located in Rzeszow. The company has production facilities in Rzeszow and Czestochowa. It produces pasta, as well as fruit and vegetable preserves and ready meals under its own trademarks and brands of retail chains and hypermarkets (including Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan). The company’s shares have been traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007.

KSG Agro is one of the leading agricultural holdings in Ukraine, a European innovative group of companies operating under the principle of vertical integration. The holding’s shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. KSG Agro is a member of the European Business Association (EBA), as well as the Association of “Pig Breeders of Ukraine”. The main activity of the holding is the cultivation of land and the production of crops, as well as the pig business, for which its subdivision LLC Strong-Invest is responsible. Since September 2014, KSG Agro has been implementing a development strategy, according to which the company is developing the most promising projects, primarily in pig breeding, as well as crop production.