KSG Agro started reconstruction of the second stage of a pig-breeding complex for 58 thousand heads

KSG Agro has started the reconstruction of the second stage of the pig-breeding complex in order to increase the production capacity up to 58 thousand heads of one-time keeping. This was reported by the press service of the company.
KSG Agro agricultural holding has started the reconstruction of the second stage of the pig farm in the village Niva Trudova (Apostolovsky district, Dnepropetrovsk region). The second stage includes 10 workshops and will increase the number of livestock to up to 58 thousand heads of one-time keeping. Thus, after the commissioning of the second stage at full capacity, the total sales of marketable livestock at the pig farm will reach 110-120 thousand heads per year.
Currently, reconstruction is underway and equipment has been supplied for the growing plant, as well as 50% equipment for six fattening plants. While the reconstruction is in progress, the delivery of equipment for the insemination, waiting and farrowing shops is still expected.
“The reconstruction of the second stage will allow us to achieve the strategic goal of doubling the livestock at the pig complex, including thanks to the pigs of the Genesus Canadian genetics, which we are introducing into the herd, and, accordingly, the growth of sales of live pigs,” comments the Chairman of the Board of Directors at KSG Agro Sergiy Kasianov. – Due to the market turbulence of 2014 and the recent crisis in the pig breeding market, we have postponed the start of the second stage reconstruction project several times. However, in the past few years we have been working with positive results, in particular, in the first 9 months of this year, we achieved an increase in gross income by 43%, EBITDA by 10%, and gross profit by 8%. All this made it possible to form the financial resource necessary for the expansion of capacities.”

As previously reported, on August 5, 2021, KSG Agro received a notification filed in accordance with Art. 69 pairs. 2, clause 2 of the Law on Public Offer, Conditions for Placing Financial Instruments in Organized Trading Systems and Public Companies of the Republic of Poland, from the direct shareholder of the holding – OLBIS INVESTMENT LTD. S.A. on reducing the share in the total number of votes in KSG AGRO S.A. by more than 1%. The change in direct participation in voting occurred as a result of the sale of 1 million shares of KSG Agro as a result of the conclusion of 2 civil law agreements on 2.08.2021. Until this information was received, OLBIS INVESTMENT LTD. S.A. owned 9.7 million shares of KSG AGRO S.A. which amounted to 64.62% of the authorized capital. After the sale, the company owns 8.7 million shares of KSG AGRO S.A. which is 57.96% of the authorized capital.