KSG Agro specialists analyzed new technologies for growing and protecting crops

KSG Agro leading experts analyzed new technologies for growing and protecting crops. This was reported by the press service of the agricultural holding.
Leading experts of farms belonging to the KSG Agro agricultural holding reviewed and analyzed new technologies for growing and protecting crops offered by the world’s leading manufacturers. This happened during a three-day retreat training seminar “Technologies for growing basic crops”, which took place in the tourist complex “Osokory” (Orlovshchina, Dnepropetrovsk region).
Among the participants of the seminar were heads of departments, agronomists, engineers, directors of farms of an agricultural holding on the one hand, as well as representatives of companies producing seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products (PPP), etc., on the other hand.
During the event, the specialists of the holding learned first-hand about new technologies and approaches in the cultivation of basic agricultural crops, primarily sunflower and corn. In particular, representatives of the Limagrain Ukraine company shared their experience in the field of working with seeds, new hybrids and growing technologies based on the analysis of this year’s harvest.
Various aspects of innovations in the cultivation of field crops, as well as technologies for the use of plant protection systems were discussed in a presentation from Agrii Ukrainy. Experienced manufacturers such as UTK ChemAlliance (liquid complex fertilizers), Adama Ukraine, August-Ukraine, Eridon and others presented their know-how in this segment. And one of the European leaders among seed companies, Euralis Semens presented new hybrids of sunflower seeds and technologies for increasing the yield of this crop. In addition, the Nor-Est Agro company shared its possibilities for agro-technical support and increasing the efficiency of agricultural production.
“By organizing a training seminar, we set the task of analyzing new proposals on the market in the field of technologies for growing crops, plant protection products, in particular, the advantages of liquid fertilizers over dry ones, seed growing with the aim of using them to increase the productivity of our crops,” says Dmitry Yemelchenko the production director at KSG Agro agricultural holding. “As a result, we got the opportunity to learn about new products in these areas directly from the world’s leading manufacturers, ask them all questions of interest, taking into account our specifics, and also take part in the discussion of the best technologies for growing crops for work in 2022”.
According to Dmitry Yemelchenko, on the basis of a professional discussion, the best options from agricultural suppliers were selected, which will be reflected in the conclusion of contracts for the supply of products for the agricultural holding farms.