SG Agro Agricultural holding attracted investors to develop meat processing facilities

KSG Agro has attracted investors to jointly develop meat processing facilities and enter the markets for finished products. This news came from the press service of the agricultural holding
On August 5, 2021, KSG Agro received a notification filed in accordance with Art. 69 par. 2, clause 2 of the Law on the Public Offer, the Conditions for Placing Financial Instruments in Organized Trading Systems and Public Companies of the Republic of Poland, from the direct shareholder of the holding – OLBIS INVESTMENT LTD. S.A. on reducing the share in the total number of votes in KSG AGRO S.A. by more than 1%.

The change in direct participation in voting occurred as a result of the sale of 1 million shares of KSG Agro following the conclusion of 2 civil law contracts on 2.08.2021.

Until this information was received, OLBIS INVESTMENT LTD. S.A. owned 9.7 million shares of KSG AGRO S.A. which amounted to 64.62% of the authorized capital. After the sale, the company owns 8.7 million shares of KSG AGRO S.A. which is 57.96% of the authorized capital.

The selling price of the shares was not disclosed, however, it is not lower than the market price and corresponds to the weighted average price of the holding’s shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange over the past few months. The buyers of the shares were two companies with Polish jurisdiction, the names of which have not yet been disclosed.

“Our search for partners was a success both for the construction of a pig-breeding complex in Kazakhstan, and for the development of the Ukrainian assets of the company. The participation of investors in KSG Agro’s capital guarantees their interest in the success of not only the Kazakh project, but also in increasing the profitability of our activities in Ukraine, – commented Sergiy Kasianov, the chairman of the Board of Directors at KSG Agro. – The buyers were Polish companies together with beneficiaries in the European Union. Within a few days we will agree on all the formalities and will be ready to jointly inform the market about our future plans.”

As previously reported, recently KSG Agro has been negotiating with a number of potential investors for financial participation in the Kazakh project (construction of a pig farm). In addition, an option was discussed for such investors to enter the share capital of KSG Agro to develop the company’s meat processing facilities and enter the finished product markets.