KSG Agro and Swiss SUISAG agreed to start cooperation

On January 21, 2021, during a visit to KSG Agro, the top management of the Swiss service pig breeding company SUISAG, reached an agreement to begin cooperation in the field of genetics, breeding and animal health. This was reported by the press service of the agricultural holding, citing information from the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


The agreement on the beginning of cooperation between KSG Agro and SUISAG, a Swiss service company in the field of pig breeding (https://www.suisag.ch/), was reached on January 21, 2021 during Swiss top managers’ visit to the agricultural holding. The SUISAG managing director, Mr. Mateo Aepril and the chief veterinarian Stefanie Klausmann during their visit to KSG Agro held negotiations on January 20-21 at the company’s operational office in Dnipro, and also visited the pig farm of the agricultural holding (Niva Trudova village, Apostolovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region). The Swiss partners got acquainted with the possibilities for introducing SUISAG’s own genetics and its pig breeding technologies at the pig breeding complex. The guests highly appreciated the technical equipment of the pig complex and the biological safety measures applied at KSG Agro.

In the process of constructive communication between the Swiss colleagues and the head of the pig-breeding department of the agricultural holding Igor Ushakov, the chief veterinarian of the pig-breeding complex Eleonora Esina and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Sergiy Kasianov, it was decided between the parties to start cooperation. The key areas of the partnership were the acquisition and usage of SUISAG genetics sows, the Swiss colleagues provided advice on pig breeding technologies, the exchange of experience on biosafety and animal health. The parties also determined the approximate dates for signing of the relevant documents – the memorandum and transactions – this should happen already in the first half of 2021.


SUISAG (https://www.suisag.ch/) is the main service and expertise center for the Swiss pig industry. The company combines genetics, breeding and breeding of pedigree animals, the production of semen for artificial insemination and animal health. Thanks to the high-quality products and services of SUISAG, pig breeding and fattening companies in Switzerland and abroad, as well as other representatives of the pig industry, receive professional support and comprehensive advice. Customers at home and abroad can benefit from extensive experience accumulated over many decades. A big advantage for foreign clients is Switzerland’s status as a PRRS (Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome) free country. In addition to the main shareholder, Suisseporcs and various minority shareholders working in the industry, SUISAG shares are also owned by about 250 pig farmers …

KSG Agro (http://www.ksgagro.com) is one of the leading agricultural holdings in Ukraine, a European innovative group of companies that works on the principle of vertical integration. The main activity of the company is the cultivation of land and the production of crops, as well as the production of pork. Since September 2014, KSG Agro has been implementing a new development strategy, according to which the company develops the most promising projects, primarily in pig breeding and crop production.