KSG Agro increased the volume of sales of pigs by 41% in the 2nd quarter of 2020

KSG Agro increased the volume of sales of pigs by 41% in the 2nd quarter of 2020 from UAH 63 million to UAH 89 million.
In the second quarter of 2020, KSG Agro agricultural holding increased the volume of pig sales compared to the first quarter of this year by 41%, from more than UAH 63 million up to about UAH 89 million. Accordingly, head sales increased by 16%: from 18 694 up to 21 629 heads and by 34% and tonnagewise from 1,613 tons to 2,165 tons.

“The increase in pork sales is in line with our strategic priorities,” comments Sergiy Kasianov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at KSG Agro. “Today, high-quality domestic pork is in great demand in our country, which is also demonstrated by the dynamics of price growth. The competitive advantage of our holding is the production of pigs based on high quality Danish genetics. This allows us to predict an increase in the sales of pig products in the future.”
Within the framework of the KSG Agro investment program in 2020, the largest part of the investment, that is more than UAH 25 million, will be aimed at the modernization (de facto – creation) of a piglet feeding shop and a sow house. The creation of an additional fattening shop will make it possible for the pig farm to launch a modern production facility for 2340 heads for fattening piglets from 30 kg and pigs of slaughter condition up to 100-110 kg. The introduction of an additional sow house will improve the conditions for keeping sows at the pig farm and will enable the increase in the production of piglets and streamline their characteristics.