KSG Agro has launched the harvesting campaign

The KSG Agro agricultural holding farms have begun the harvesting campaign
The harvesting campaign started from Apostolove branch of KSG Dnipro, the agricultural holding’s southernmost enterprise in the Dnepropetrovsk region, where barley was harvested. Then the barley harvesting spree was picked up by other holding enterprises, three of which fully completed it on a total area of 1176 hectares. Moreover, the average yield of this crop was 41 centners per ha. Currently, fields are being mown in the Sofiievsky district.

The first batch of harvested barley has already been delivered to the feed mill of the agroholding’s pig complex in the village of Niva Trudova (Apostolovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region). Feed stocks were replenished with 3,880 tons of barley.

Rapeseed harvesting continues; next is harvesting winter wheat.

20 combines and more than 50 trucks operate in the fields of farms transporting crops to elevators.