In 2020, KSG Agro is to build a fattening plant and a sow house

Within the framework of the 2020 investment program, KSG Agro will invest more than UAH 25 million in building a shop for fattening piglets and a sow house.
The creation of an additional fattening shop, according to the preliminary plan, will be completed in August 2020, and will allow the pig farm to get a state-of-the-art production facility for 2340 heads for fattening pigs: piglets from 30 kg and pigs up to 100-110 kg.
The introduction of an additional sow house will improve the conditions for keeping sows at the pig farm and will provide an opportunity to increase the birth rate of piglets and improve their performance. The sow house, to be commissioned in October 2020, is designed for 360 heads.
“Modernized facilities will allow us to better meet the growing demand for quality pork, – comments the chairman of the Board of Directors of KSG Agro Sergiy Kasianov, one of the best in the world of genetics – Danish”.
During the modernization of two facilities of the pig farm, the products and services of well-known companies were used, in particular, Skiold and DACS (both – Denmark), Big Dutchman (Germany).