KSG Agro Agricultural Holding launched sowing campaign 2020

The farms belonging to KSG Agro Agricultural Holding have begun the spring sowing campaign 2020.
On April 8, 2020, the farms that are part of KSG Agro Agricultural Holding started the spring sowing campaign 2020.
The start of sowing became possible as the round-the-clock temperature regime of the soil reached 7.5 degrees. There is currently enough moisture in the soil to start the crops. Productive moisture is at a depth of 5-7 cm. At the same time, holding enterprises are sowing at a depth of 6 cm.
According to the chairman of the Board of Directors of KSG Agro Agricultural Holding Sergiy Kasianov, the sowing campaign that has begun on the holding’s farms is being carried out in accordance with the planned schedule. All agricultural enterprises are provided with fertilizers, plant protection products and seed, as well as fuel, in sufficient quantities.
Despite strict quarantine measures, preparations for the sowing campaign at the holding’s farms were carried out as usual.
The plans for the spring sowing campaign include planting sunflower on an area of 7200 hectares, corn – 2200 hectares and sorghum – 548 hectares.