KSG Agro Agroholding completed the 2019 harvesting campaign

The farms that are part of the KSG Agro agricultural holding completed the 2019 harvesting campaign on October 30.
As part of the harvesting campaign, the following crops were obtained by the farms of the agricultural holding:
• corn – on an area of 2105 ha
• sunflower – 7406 ha
• rapeseed – 1488 ha
• sorghum – 508 ha
The harvesting campaign resulted in the following yields:
• corn – 56 c / ha
• sunflower – 19 t / ha
• rapeseed – 11c / ha
• sorghum-56 c / ha
In addition, earlier, as part of the campaign for harvesting early grains, wheat was harvested on an area of 6430 ha, and yields of 31.09 kg / ha were obtained.
According to Sergiy Kasianov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at KSG Agro, the weather contributed to high yields of corn and sorghum. “In general, our experience in crop production, together with the use of preparations to increase crop yields, has led to an increase in the yield of corn by 40%, sorghum by 50%. Sunflower yields increased at a slower rate, increasing by 3 centners per hectare, ”said Mr. Kasianov.
The successful implementation of the harvesting campaign was facilitated by the use of harvesting equipment from the world famous manufacturers, such as John Deere, KUNH, CASE, CLAAS and others.