Introduction of manure separation technology allows reducing energy costs by almost 7 times, according to a KSG Agro expert

The introduction of manure separation technology has allowed the pig farm, a member of KSG Agro agricultural complex, to reduce energy costs by almost 7 times. This news came from the head of the pig complex Yuri Shavkun in his speech during the “International Day of the Pig Farm 2019″, held on October 17, 2019 in Glevakha (Kiev region).
The introduction of a pig manure separation station at the pig farm in Niva Trudovaya (Apostolovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region) allowed the company to reduce energy costs by almost 7 times during waste management.
According to the head of the pig complex Yuri Shavkun, voiced during a speech at the pig-breeding forum, if before the introduction of the separation station the cost of electricity during disposal was 350 kW / h or 8400 UAH per day, after that it went down to 51 kW / h for 1224 UAH a day. Thus, the cost of electricity during disposal was reduced by almost 7 times.
“It is worth considering the other benefits of fertilizer production during the processing of manure. Among them: improving the ecological condition at the location of the pig farm, increasing crop yields after applying the processed manure to the soil, reducing the cost of crop products”, says Yuri Shavkun. “And finally, the main thing is about nutrient and organic fertilizers that are excellent for organic agriculture”.
According to Y. Shavkun, manure as a result of processing is divided into solid and liquid fractions, each of which has its own advantages. The liquid fraction has a high concentration of nutrients and good absorption by soil and plants; for the solid fraction it is about an improvement in the soil structure and an increase in the content of humus, as well as a wider range of applications, easy transportation and packaging.
The total investment in the separation station amounted to 5.5 million UAH. For its work, equipment was purchased from the Italian company CRI-MAN worth 2.1 million UAH.