KSG Agro Holding held a meeting with shareholders in Warsaw (Poland)

KSG Agro Holding held a meeting with shareholders in Warsaw (Poland)
KSG Agro’s Top Management held a meeting in Warsaw with shareholders, during which outlined the main directions of the holding’s development in 2019 and answered the questions from the participants. This was reported by the KSG Agro press service.

A meeting of the management of the KSG Agro holding with its shareholders was held in the Polish capital of Warsaw, during which the main directions of the company’s development this year were highlighted. Andriy Skorokhod, General Director of the Agroholding,gave detailed answers to the questions of the company shareholders.
“The openness and publicity of KSG Agro, including for shareholders, are the key emphasis of our strategy,” said Andriy Skorokhod, “We regularly conduct road shows for Polish shareholders in Warsaw, as our shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In the course of such meetings, investors get comprehensive information about our results of activities, achievements in key areas – pig and crop, status of credit debts”.
Summing up the results of 2018, Andriy Skorokhod noted that in the difficult situation in the holding’s industry in the year 2018, it was possible to increase gross income by 7% to 24.8 million dollars. (For comparison in 2017 – 23.2 million dollars). At the same time, sales of pigs and pork in monetary terms in 2018 increased by 19% versus 2017 and reached 5.7 million dollars (in 2017 – USD 4.8 million). In the crop production segment, the most significant volumes of proceeds came from the sale of sunflower and wheat, which in 2018, compared to 2017, increased by 20% and 10%, amounting to $ 5.7 million and $ 2.6 million correspondingly.
During the meeting, Andriy Skorokhod noted that in 2019 the key priority for the agroholding is the reduction of the credit debt, which in the 2014-2018 period decreased by 2.3 times, or 31.7 million dollars. In 2018-2019, the agroholding settled the debt in the amount of 3 million 881 thousand dollars in favor of Credit Agricole Bank, U.S. EXIM Bank for $ 3.6 million. (Balance of debt is USD 0.419 million), as well as in favor of Big Dutchman (Germany), for whom the credit debt of EUR 4 764 533 was reduced to EUR 1 030 000.
In addition, Andriy Skorokhod spoke about a project for the creation of a breeding reproducer for sows at the site of the pig complex in Niva, Trudova, Apostolovsky district of the Dnipropetrovsk region. It is assumed that the share of agroholding in this project will not exceed 30%. Among other project investors are the European pig production equipment company, the Danish investment fund, the large Ukrainian retailer and two Danish breeding plants. The finalization of negotiations about the creation of a legal entity for the implementation of the project is likely to take place in September 2019.
KSG Agro is one of the leading agroholdings in Ukraine, a European innovation group of companies operating under the principle of vertical integration. The shares of the holding are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The main activities of KSG Agro are land cultivation and crop production, as well as pork production. Starting from September 2014, KSG Agro implements a new development strategy, according to which the company develops the most promising projects, first of all pig breeding, as well as crop production and production of renewable biofuels (fuel pellets).