Spring field work at KSG Agro Holding

Spring field works started in February, despite the cold weather, at the KSG Agro agricultural holding farms. As of April 20, the organic fertilizing of winter crops was carried out in all planned areas. The spring sowing campaign began in the second half of April. Traditionally, the main crops in the crop rotation will be sunflower, corn, sorghum, and another culture – buckwheat – is added this time. Since April 20, it is planned to start sowing sunflower. Later in May, maize, sorghum and buckwheat will be sown.

Sowing areas are planned as follows:
Sunflower – 15 thousand hectares
Corn – 2 thousand hectares
Sorghum – 3 thousand hectares

Buckwheat – 300 hectares.
In general, the area of ​​winter crops in the holding is about 20 thousand hectares, the crops are in good condition. Areas of winter crops are:
Barley – 4 thousand hectares
Wheat – 10 thousand hectares
Winter rapeseed – 6 thousand hectares
The holding farms are fully provided with high-quality fertilizers and modern agricultural machinery and instruments.